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The Belleville Duplicate Bridge Club offers bridge lessons to newcomers and intermediate players. Enquiries may be made by telephoning the club at (613) 962-7639 and leaving a message, or by calling Jeanne Webster at (613) 968-5024 


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 Special Games: 

For newcomers and players new to duplicate bridge, the club offers several games. 

On Monday evenings, the game is limited to Non-Life Masters and is stratified to give the less experienced players an opportunity to shine.  


The Wednesday afternoon mentoring game is open, but it is handicapped according to masterpoints. New and inexperienced players are partnered with more experienced players as mentors. The purpose of this program is to encourage new and inexperienced players to try duplicate bridge.

On Thursday afternoon, the club holds a game for players with fewer than 100 masterpoints.

The club has a Zero Tolerance policy; unacceptable behaviour is not tolerated at any game. Players are encouraged to be friendly and helpful at all times.





Affiliated with the American Contract Bridge League

6575 Windchase Blvd., Horn Lake, Mississippi, 38637-1523


R.R.#2,1989 Old Highway 2,West,

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